About us

In New Zealand, there are 23 PEAKS with summits higher than 3.000 meters. In this magnificent country, where the snowy mountains are accompanied by beautiful lakes, unending views and the ocean is where 23 PEAKS started.

23 PEAKS is founded by Maurice and Amanda, who both love snowboarding, hiking and everything outdoors. Maurice, who is originally from The Netherlands, and Amanda, who is originally from the United States fell not only in love with the country, but also with each other. After travelling the world together, snowboarding on many different mountains it was time to translate our passion and help others find the right snowboarding gear. It can be a painful experience buying the right snowboarding goggles that fit well, don't get foggy and of course have great looks too. We created 23 PEAKS to help with this, with a no-nonsense service policy. 



Say hello to Maurice & Amanda via hello@23peaks.com for product related questions, feedback or to send your awesome snowboarding & New Zealand pictures. 

Enjoy the ride!